Decentralized bitcoin paper wallet with awesome designs and maximum security for your Business, Cryptocurrency storage or Gift.

Whether it is to make a special gift or for business purposes to store your own Bitcoins in a safe place. Cold paper wallet is the easiest, safest and most reliable to store your cryptocurrencies offline.

Only you are in full control of all your cryptocurrency!

Generate paper wallet :
> GIFT paper wallet
> Business paper wallet
Mandatory commission fee, calculated on the current amount at the time of withdrawal

No personal data required

Market Cap

Creating your Bitcoin Paper Wallet is very simple


1- Create a unique private key and address

Within a few seconds, using this client-side wallet generator, you can safely generate a unique private key and address for your Wallet.


2- Choose a design for your Paper Wallet

Choose the best design for your crypto paper wallet, created by great artists from all over the world.


3- Print your Crypto Paper Wallet

Print your Paper Wallet from a local and secure printer, cut and fold it around the edges. Your wallet is now ready to receive funds!


4- Add funds

You can add funds from any digital wallet, with debit/credit card or with BITCOIN ATM receipt. To make deposit press Generate wallet button on website or scan Public Address on your Paper Wallet

Create your Wallet Now

Give something new, give something different.

For every special moment, there is a Bitcoin Paper Wallet Design. Choose from any of these Paper Wallets designs, created by great artists from all around the world. Our paper wallets offer a unique blend of art, science, and style
finding a perfect balance between functionality and nerdy style.

Choose unique Gift wallet design


Take the opportunity to integrate cryptocurrency into your business.
Create an independent and open environment for your business.
Send your cryptocurrency money wherever you want.
Cash it out at any Crypto ATM machine in the world.
Send the whole amount to another cryptocurrency wallet.
Or simply store your tax-free cryptocurrency money offline.
Be free to do what you want in a secure environment.

Also by paying a commission, you can legally integrate your cryptocurrency into business transactions.

At the same time, we will not be ask you for any of personal data when we create the paper wallet, leaving you the right to be a private holder of cryptocurrency.The cold paper wallet leaves you the right to store your cash offline.

Choose unique Business wallet design

Do you have questions about your Paper Wallet?

First, you need your own Digital Wallet (either an online wallet, or an exchange) that you will use to fund your paper wallet. If you still do not have an account in an exchange or online wallet, we recommend one of these: Binance, Bitstamp, Coinbase, Ripio. Once you have funds in your Digital Wallet, you can deposit the amount you want to transfer in your paper wallet, simply by using public wallet address from your printed cold paper wallet, or you can deposit your cold paper wallet with debit/credit card or with BITCOIN ATM receipt.

You can verify your balance by scanning the public address in your paper wallet (we recommend using your phone's camera for that). Type your Bitcoin wallet address in the search bar on website (press START NOW button and check balance you have at the moment on your cold paper wallet).

Extracting the funds from your Wallet is very simple:
1- If you don't have one yet, download a Digital Wallet to your mobile device. You can use the one you like the most
2- Check balance you have on your cold paper wallet (which wallet you use, Gift or Business)
3- GIFT paper wallet.
if you use Gift paper wallet just can "PRIVATE" QR code on paper wallet for getting funds to your own cryptocurrency wallet.
4- Business paper wallet.
Pay a commission on the current balance before withdrawing funds from the Business cold paper wallet. Once the commission fee is paid, use (Withdraw wallet balance) section,enter PRIVATE key from your printed cold paper wallet, your email and your own Private cryptocurrency wallet address,then press GET FUNDS button, the funds will be automatically transferred from the paper wallet to your private digital wallet.

Attention! You must withdraw all your cold paper wallet amount within 1 transaction

You can also deposit your paper wallet with a BITCOIN ATM receipt.You need to find a Bitcoin machine/ATM/Kiosk, buy the cryptocurrency and pay with your debit/credit card.When the payment is made, you will receive a ATM receipt.The receipt will contain your PRIVATE key, the number of the card from which the payment was made, and the Payment ID.
All the details must be entered in the Deposit by crypto ATM section and all your cryptocurrency will be instantly transferred to your cold paper wallet.